piątek, 29 czerwca 2018

Porsche 911 (993) / Yoroi

RWB is a Porsche tuner from Japan. The acronym, which stands for RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF can more or less be translated as the "rough concept of the world". The company was founded by Akira Nakai San in 1997 and has a very narrow specialization, which comprises customizing the air cooled Porsche 911's.

Only one unique RWB Porsche is built for each customer. The base requirement is your 930/964/993 in peak condition. Then you will have to wait for a slot in Nakai San’s calendar. The process begins from ordering a body kit. Base prices are at USD 24k, but on top you will need to add some more, at least the shipping, customs, VAT and respray. The shop also offers matching wheels and suspension modifications. Any performance upgrades are on the account of the owner. Note that some RWBs have real superpowers, exceeding 600-700 PS!

Once everything is ready, Nakai San arrives at the RWB branch and carefully (and most importantly manually!) assembles all the parts. The process finishes by giving the car its unique name. The one on the photo, named Yoroi is the Porsche 911 (993), was built by the Nakai San in 911Garage as one of the first two in Poland, almost exactly 2 years ago. He needed only four days, for both!
/ Sportscar Together Day, Silesia Ring, Kamień Śląski, Poland

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