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Maserati Merak 2000 GT

Maserati Merak is a mid-engined sports car in production between 1972 and 1983. It used the same body as the flagship supercar Maserati Bora (gorgeously designed by Guigiaro), but featured a smaller engine that eventually allowed it to arrive with a bit more practical 2+2 configuration. The pictures depict the 2000 GT version presented in 1977, by no mistake in Turin. The model was built mainly for the domestic market and equipped with 170 PS 2-liter V6, instead of 3-liter V6 installed in other Meraks. It was Maserati's response to Italy's high taxation for cars with engines over 2 liters (remember Ferrari 208? The same case). Only around 200 of these were ever built over 1830 of all Meraks.
/ Autodrom Bemowo, Warsaw, Poland

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