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Skoda Felicia

Printed around 1995 this brochure presents the new (at the time) Skoda Felicia. It was the first model built under Volkswagen's leadership after it acquired a 30% stake from Czech state authorities in 1991. Initially, Felicia was powered by a legacy 1,3 liter engine which dated back to its predecessor, Skoda Favorit (by the way designed by Bertone), available in 54 PS and optionally 68 PS. In the following years two more engines were made available, as sourced by Volkswagen.
In the brochure I read that the car was available in 10 colors (including 4 metallic; the one in the picture is Romantic Red), all of them were environmentally friendly as did not contain heavy metals. Velor upholstery was the distinctive feature of the GLX version termed as "a sense of luxury". Drag coefficient equal to 0,34 meant to mean low sensitivity to wind gusts and lower fuel consumption.
On the account of safety, Felicia was equipped with ABS and an airbag. The cabin was a computer-developed safety cage equipped with numerous steel reinforcements. New bumpers could absorb bumps up to 5 km/h unscathed.
Before it was released, Felicia was extensively tested. It completed more than 1 million km of tests from polar circle to Africa, spent months in corrosion tests and survived all kinds of load tests. The guarantee at the time, however, was only 12 months.
Fun fact: Felicia was the first Skoda model ever to appear on the cover of the Czech edition of Playboy magazine.
I can tell that it is not a coincidence for me having this brochure.
/ Warsaw, Poland

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