sobota, 25 sierpnia 2018

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint [x5]

The original Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint was unveiled in Turin in 1954. The body of this gorgeous 2+2 coupe was designed by Bertone. The car was equipped with a progressive 1,3 liter in line four producing 65 PS. It wasn't a very powerful unit - even at the time - yet it was made available affordably to the masses.
The model was highly acclaimed by the public and became an instant sensation. On the first day of presentation Alfa Romeo received more than 3 thousand orders. The initial plans assuming a production of 200 examples were quickly revised. As a result, until 1965 a number of 27 142 Sprints were built. This beautifully restored example, painted Rosso Alfa, comes from 1958.
/ Zamek Topacz, Wroclaw, Poland

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