czwartek, 2 sierpnia 2018

Citroen D Super 5

Citroen DS premiered at Paris Motor Show in 1955 as a direct successor to Citroen Traction Avant. If you look at both, you will recognize why this new, aerodynamic and futuristic design has instantly attracted the attention of visitors. Admired and hated by many, it became a sensation. By the end of the first day of presentation, Citroen got 12 000 orders for the new model. The car was equipped with innovative hydropneumatic suspension, power steering, semi-automatic transmission and disk brakes. DS was produced until 1975 with a total number of 1 455 746 examples. The picture depicts the D Super 5 version, a lower range spec, in production between 1970 and 1975.
/ Oldtimer Warsaw, Nadarzyn, Poland

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