niedziela, 19 sierpnia 2018

MotoClassic Wroclaw 2018 [x10]

I was hyperexcited about this year's edition of MotoClassic Wroclaw. If, for a chance, you haven't heard of it, it's a unique event for all enthusiasts of classic and vintage automobiles, held this weekend at Zamek Topacz. This year definitely belongs to Alpine, which, revived, struck back with the new A110. Here it was represented by the new official Polish dealership and a solid representation of classics (e.g. two A110s, A310, GTA, etc.). On display there is also an unimaginable number of W113 Pagoda's (as in the last year) and some unique examples of Bugatti. New cars? See the BMW i8 Roadster and Audi Q8. Hurry up they will be there until the end of Sunday!
/ Zamek Topacz, Wroclaw, Poland

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