sobota, 8 września 2018

Porsche 911 Sport Classic

The development of the Porsche 911 Sport Classic (997) was fueled by a nostalgia for the classic 1970s Porsches. Its highlights included a ducktail spoiler and 19-inch wheels resembling the classic Fuchs. The car featured a flat six derived from Carrera S (slightly improved), and was offered exclusively with six speed manual. The wider body based on Carrera 4, but rear wheel drive obviously remained. Also the exhaust system was specially developed to give more "vintage" sound experience. Sport Classic was presented in Frankfurt in 2009 with a limited run of 250 examples. All of them were sold before even announced. This one is a demonstration model (unnumbered).
/ Porsche Centrum Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland

All examples were painted grey (Sport Classic Grey) and finished with subtle stripes. 

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