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Warsaw Motor Show 2018 pt.2 [x10]

Part two from Warsaw Motor Show 2018. This time let me start with some Polish concept cars. First, I cannot say that I was convinced by the new vision of Warszawa M20 GT. The model is based on 2016 Ford Mustang GT (including its 5-liter V8) but seems to resemble the classic only in details. There was also some controversy about the cooperation with Ford along the way, but it appears that the one exists, but has indirect nature, through one of the Ford's suppliers. Second, I really liked the idea of Vosco S106, but it appears that the chances for a series production (and most importantly pricing) are minimal. However, the electric version is in development phase and this may be it. Third, don't forget the cool electric concept of Triggo, which totally must have been inspired by an alien's head!
/ Warsaw Motor Show 2018, Nadarzyn, Poland

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