czwartek, 8 listopada 2018

Porsche Boxster

Recent news was that Lonely Planet ranked Lodz second among top 10 value destinations in 2019. Just to quote the publisher's note, "Lodz (pronounced woodge) is a red-brick city that grew fabulously wealthy in the 19th century on the back of its massive textile industry, then went into decline after WWII. Since 2000 it has been gradually reinventing itself as a modern metropolis (it is Poland's third-largest city) and rebuilding its once-crumbling city centre.". Couldn't agree more. As for myself, I especially enjoy shooting around my hometown. Still have a quite long list of spots to visit, but am hoping this will not only be with the Boxster. By the way, I absolutely love this side profile!
/ Lodz, Poland

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