poniedziałek, 10 grudnia 2018

Essen Motor Show 2018 pt.2 [x10]

With a second set from Essen Motor Show let me start with this absolutely stunning RUF SCR. Introduced in Geneva earlier this year it resembles 911 (964), but don't be fooled, it shares no parts with the original. The car has modern carbon fibre chassis and body shell with integrated roll cage (quite clever, though). It features a naturally aspirated 4-liter flat six that comes with six speed manual only. The engine produces an output of 510 PS, peak torque of 470 Nm and has a top speed of 320 km/h (RUF does not provide acceleration stats by the way). The company plans to build only 15 examples a year with a price tag of EUR 650k. It would be worth visiting the show only to see this one. Oh, and the color is Irish Green. Check out the other cars from the set too.
/ Essen, Germany

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