niedziela, 16 grudnia 2018

Porsche 70 Years at Autoworld [x10]

During the weekend I went to Brussels to see the latest exhibition held at Autoworld. "Porsche 70 Years" shows an evolution of Porsche in dozens of unique and interesting cars. And so there are (once) everyday Porsches, supercars, hypercars, concepts and also an unparalleled representation of motorsport cars. My first impression when I got upstairs the Autoworld was simple, "Wow!". Hence, if you're not enough after seeing the Porsche Museum (like myself, twice), this is definitely a place for you to see. If you're in Brussels anytime soon, take a look, it will be there until January 27th.

By the way, I firstly noticed this one at events list in last month's issue of Classic Auto magazine.

/ Autoworld, Brussels, Belgium

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