niedziela, 10 lutego 2019

Porsche Boxster

Saturday night fever. For the evening became a taxi for my friend. It's fine, I was looking for an excuse to drive the Boxster anyway. I took my camera, just in case I would find a nice spot along the way. "Can you think of an interesting, well-lit place?" - I asked on our way back. Initially, I wasn't enthusiastic about the answer, but agreed to check it out. When we approached DoubleTree I was like "Wow, man, look at this light, it's perfect!". After a minute of hesitation I took the parking ticket and parked right next to the entrance. I did not carry my regular tripod, so again, I had to improvise a bit. It was a really quick session with 14 shots only. In the end, we managed to do everything in 15 minutes of free parking and no-one got bothered. Here's the effect! Also it's the first photo this season with hardtop on.
/ DoubleTree by Hilton, Lodz, Poland

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