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Volvo 1800ES

Throwback to 2018 MotoClassic Wroclaw. Volvo 1800ES (whereas ES stands for "estate saloon") is the final variant of the 1800 family, built in the last two production years (1972-1973). Since mid-60s, Volvo was considering another variant next to the coupe. Among others, a fastback, 2-seater, but also a next generation model were discussed (presented in Paris in 1971, never made it into production). At the time, however, Volvo also had an another idea - to make their sports car more spacious. The 1800ES got an extended roof, large windows on sides and rear hatch made of glass, whereas the latter became an inspiration for future designs ever since. United States was the most important export market for the model and due to upcoming stricter US safety and emissions regulations Volvo decided to shut down the production on 27 June 1973 (instead of investing in modifying already aging overall design). A number of 8,077 of 1800ES were built out of all 47,492 1800 series cars.
According to Guinness World Records, Volvo P1800S holds the highest vehicle mileage record set-up on 1 May 2014 with 3,039,122 miles! "Irv [the owner] drives his car on a daily basis and covers an estimated 140,000–160,000 km (85,000–100,000 miles) per year (...) Irv bought his P-1800S on 30 June 1966 for $4,150 (the equivalent of a whole year's salary) at the age of 25, and has said we would sell it if he can get a dollar per mile!".
/ Motoclassic Wroclaw, Zamek Topacz, Poland

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