niedziela, 10 marca 2019

Piech Mark Zero [x3]

Piech Mark Zero is another sensation of Geneva Motor Show. This concept was designed and developed by Piech Automotive AG, a Swiss company co-founded by Anton Piech, the great grandson of Ferdinand Porsche! In its stunning, minimalistic design you can find a lot of inspirations. I would say mainly Jaguar E-Type and F-Type, but found other noting that they see bits of Ferrari 250 GTO/Daytona, Aston Martin DB9/Vanquish, Porsche 911 or even Shelby Cobra and Dodge Viper. The main technical highlight of Mark Zero is its powertrain. It is equipped with three electric motors generating a total of 610 PS. Innovative batteries are to provide a range of 500 km. But most importantly it should take a record time of only 4 minutes and 40 seconds to charge the battery to 80%! Envisaged top speed of the concept is 250 km/h and 0-100km/h sprint should take not more than 3.2 seconds. Mark Zero will hopefully be released in 2022.
/ GIMS 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

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