piątek, 15 marca 2019

Porsche 911 Singer DLS [x2]

Porsche 911 Singer DLS was a bold highlight of the Michelin stand in Geneva. The car was developed by Singer in partnership with Williams (yes, this Williams) with an aim to make "the most advanced, lightweight, air-cooled 911 that the world will ever see". It seems like every aspect of the car was entirely redesigned for the finest performance. Suspension, brakes, engine, exhaust, aerodynamics, and of course, Michelin tyres specially dedicated to this model. In the course of works Singer managed to consult with engineers working on the original 911 back in the 60s (Hans Mezger and Norbert Singer). Up to 75 examples will be "reimagined".
/ GIMS 2019, Geneva, Switzerland

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