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MotoClassic Wroclaw 2019 pt.3, Porsche [x12]

The third part from MotoClassic Wroclaw is dedicated to Porsche. Special attention should be given to the extraordinary study based on the 914/6 built in 1970 (pictures 4-5). Once Albrecht Graf von Goertz purchased his own example, he decided to redesign the car under his own vision. He made a few sketches, plasticine model, and sent everything to a coachbuilder in Italy. The changes concentrated solely on the bodyshell, leaving the engine and interior untouched. Once finished, the car was presented during Turin Auto Show. Although the project was well received by the Porsche management, they did not decide to put it into production. Nevertheless, Goertz kept his example. It is currently a part of the Porsche Museum collection.
/ MotoClassic Wroclaw, Zamek Topacz, Poland

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