środa, 14 sierpnia 2019

Upcoming MotoClassic Wroclaw 2019 [x6]

Ahead of MotoClassic Wroclaw's weekend, allow me for a little throwback. Last year was marked by an impressive collection of Alpine, Bugatti and W113 Pagoda. It was a great opportunity to connect with passionate owners and take enormous number of pictures too. I really enjoyed my time, so this year I am more than happy to join as well. I look forward to see some more stunning classics from Bugatti (dating 1920s), Jaguar (via Jaguar Daimler Club Holland), and unlimited number of Mercedes-Benz. I also hope for some panning shots, as the classics will be setting times on a specially prepared gravel track. See you there on Saturday!
/ Zamek Topacz, Topacz, Poland

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