niedziela, 8 września 2019

Upcoming IAA2019 [x6]

Ahead of the IAA2019 that starts tomorrow, it's time for my 10-year challenge! In the past weeks I was searching all my stuff for the old hard drives, SD cards and digital camera to find some pictures I made at IAA2009. No success. What I’ve found, though, was one print. This, however, made me think, I must have once ordered more of them. I checked with the printing company and yet, after all those years, the pictures were still on their server! With strangely no option to download, I just ordered all the prints to digitalize them again. So here it is, the show how it was 10 years ago. Not the best work, but brings back some good memories. I remember us four guys, we just turned 18, the 2-door black Golf 4, sleeping in a tent, and our strive to see the best cars in the world. I think this is when my journey with motor shows started. But at that time I couldn’t even think where this would take me. I’m super excited to return there for the 4th time. Look for me all Thursday. See you there!
/ IAA2009, Frankfurt, Germany

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