sobota, 26 października 2019

FIAT 128 Sport 3P

FIAT 128 Sport 3P was introduced as a model year 1975 and replaced the previous Coupe variant. While it featured the same (slightly modified) 1.1 and 1.3 liter engines, its body was redesigned to be more modern and practical. As a result the car received large trunk lid and foldable rear seats. This example is the later Special Series characterized by a number of black details, such as spoiler, bumpers, handles, mirrors and door frames (instead of chrome). On both sides there are black decals with the model name. Until 1980 around 140,000 examples of the 128 Sport 3P were produced of which 13,600 were the Special Series. This one is listed for PLN 50k.
/ Warsaw Motor Show, Poland

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