środa, 26 lutego 2020

500 post - Volvo V70

For the 500th Instagram post I am making a throwback to one of the first ones. This photo turns 4  today, taken on my way to visit Volvo and Saab car museums in Sweden. I remember I was especially excited to see the latter. Following the bankruptcy of Saab in 2011, the future of the museum and its collection was uncertain. Fortunately, following a winning bid of around 3 million EUR it was preserved and now stays in good hands. The collection comprises of around 120 cars, of which 70 are normally on display. The first one was the fabulous Saab 92001 from 1947, which is more commonly known as Ursaab. You can support Saab Car Museum by simply visiting it in Trollhattan, or supporting the museum organization, like I am doing for another year.
/ Goteborg, Sweden

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