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Volvo EX30

On Friday, I had the chance to test drive the EX30, and here are my thoughts:

🌍 Swedish Minimalism vs Safety: One of the most noticeable features in the EX30 is the lack of a screen directly in front of the steering wheel. This design choice has raised some concerns over safety, which is quite unexpected from a brand synonymous with safety like Volvo. Adapting to the central speedometer was a bit of a challenge, and for now I found myself over the speed limit more often than not.

🚀 Drive Experience: The car’s performance is impressive. Smooth and responsive, it’s easy to enjoy the drive – just keep an eye on that central speedometer! Plus, it has a small turning radius, making maneuvers and tight turns a breeze.

🏗️ Material Quality: Even the Ultra trim of the EX30 does reveal some cost-saving choices in materials. But these don’t drastically diminish the overall quality of the car. The minimalist interior gives a strong impression of durability, a positive aspect for long-term use.

👉 Stylish Touches: The Polestar-style mirrors and the square-ish steering wheel add a unique character to the car. The physical buttons on the wheel are a welcome feature, offering a good alternative to the touch-sensitive ones found in some other models.

🔋 Battery Range: The range at nearly full charge was showing about 330 km, falling short of the advertised 476 km. This could be a consideration for long-distance travel (but note this is a demo car with not even with 1000 km on the clock, so not that much real world driving data).

🔍 Comparison with XC40: It’s clear the EX30 is an entry-level option compared to the XC40. It’s more affordable, but with some trade-offs in features and materials. More compact size is a better fit for my daily drives.

💭 Final Verdict: Weighing all aspects, I’ve decided to give the EX30 a chance. My gray EX30 Single Motor Extended Range should arrive in about 10 weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing how it fits into my daily life!

Stay tuned for more updates on my electric journey! ⚡
/ Rotterdam, Netherlands

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