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Ferrari 275 GTB

Ferrari 275 GTB was unvelied in Paris in 1964 and replaced the very successful 250 GT Lusso. It was equipped with 3,3 liter V12 engine delivering 280 PS. The body of the new model was designed by Pininfarina and built by Carrozzeria Scagiletti (Italian coachbuilder, owned by the company since 1975). According to Ferrari, the new features of the 275 GTB included the rear-mounted gearbox and independent rear suspension. The model was produced in two series, of which the second had redesigned front with longer bonnet (also called "the long nose"). The most of the 450 cars being built between 1964 and 1966 had steel body, but a series of 80 examples was made with aluminum bodywork. The featured example is Series 2 in Verde Pino color. Nice? Hold your (prancing) horses, the current prices for a 275 GTB range around USD 3m.
/ Ferrari Museum, Maranello, Italy

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