środa, 16 maja 2018

Porsche Boxster

Got some black magic on my hands! It took me some time to do the waxing, but the Boxster is now shining like new. Some minor scratches are gone too 😇 Applying wax to your car regularly will help you care for the paint. Wax puts a protective coat on top of it that minimizes the sun damage and gives that aesthetic, shiny effect. Turtle Wax Color Magic will help you with that easily. Make sure your car is squeaky clean and dry before applying wax to prevent any scratches. When waxing on a warm day consider moistening the cloth, so the wax won't dry too fast.
/ Lodz, Poland

This is a sponsored post. I am a Turtle Wax Shine Squad Influencer, although all opinions expressed are my own.

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