środa, 13 czerwca 2018

Porsche 911 GT3

Flacht is a very small town located somewhere between Frankfurt and Nurburgring. It is also a home of Porsche Motorsport. "Born in Flacht" is a badge worn by the most technically sophisticated Porsche cars, all being built in Flacht plant. This includes all race cars, such as 911 GT3 Cup, 911 RSR, 919 Hybrid and motorsport inspired street legal cars, like this 911 GT3. Its naturally aspirated 4,0 liter engine produces 500 PS and peak torque of 460 Nm. Going for a modern PDK instead of a manual transmission can improve acceleration by 0,5 seconds (from 3,9 to 3,4 seconds). Quite a big improvement!
/ Sportscar Together Day, Silesia Ring, Kamień Śląski, Poland

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