czwartek, 14 czerwca 2018

Porsche Boxster

Before going for a Sportscar Together day I was doing some extensive preparation. A decent wash including the interior with seats, dashboard, car mats, windows (from the inside) and also a wind deflector. On the outside, however, the rims are a different story. Neither automatic nor manual car wash can properly clean-up them. To make the work easier and be on the safe side, always use acid free products that are safe for the tires. I got the Turtle Wax Redline Cleaner and finished the job with some cool blackness. The liquid is originally clear and by reacting with the dirt it goes red, which gives the bleeding effect. Just look how it did!

It was raining when I got to the event, so my preparation turned out to be not as effective as initially assumed ; )
/ Lodz, Poland

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