piątek, 15 czerwca 2018

Porsche Carrera RS 2,7

Carrera RS 2,7 is one of the Porsche’s most iconic cars. It is the first 911 model to carry the name “Carrera”, marking Porsche success at Carrera Panamericana (taking place in Mexico during early 1950s). The car was developed for racing and originally planned as limited edition, 500 examples to achieve racing homologation. Due to its high popularity a total of 1 580 cars were built. Every construction aspect of the Carrera was aimed at reducing weight. For example, against the 911S (on which it was based) it featured a thinner body and glass, fiberglass rear engine lid and bumpers and lacked sound insulation as well as rear seats. The door handles were replaced with pull cords. As a result, the Carrera became the fastest production 911 at the time. The most distinctive feature of the car, however, is the rear spoiler, often referred to as the “duck tail”.
/ Sportscar Together day, Silesia Ring, Kamień Śląski, Poland

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