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Citroen 2CV

This Citroen 2CV has obviously seen some better times. But here's some history. The first prototype of the 2CV was ready by 1938. Due to war, however, the actual model was unveiled in Paris in 1948 and the production started a year after. Its twin-cylinder, air-cooled 375 cc engine generating around 9 PS (with around 45 kg weight) was particularly small comparing to international standards. This was partially a result of some tax constrains. On its website, Citroen quotes Pierre Jules Boulanger who was in charge of the company at the time stating that he aimed "to make a car that can carry four people and 50kg of potatoes or a keg, at a maximum speed of 60 km/h, with a consumption of 3 litres per hundred kilometres and low maintenance costs." What happened with those consumption numbers nowadays?
/ Rotterdam, Netherlands

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