środa, 24 października 2018

Citroen Dyane 6

Just behind the gate of the Palace of Versailles I spotted this lovely Citroen Dyane. The model was launched in 1967 and was aimed to be a successor to then almost 20 year old 2CV. Dyane was, however, more universal, comfortable and came at a higher price. In fact, both shared the same engines and were offered simultaneously for over 16 years. Dyane, however, never gained that much popularity as 2CV. This particular example is "6" model, equipped with a larger 602 cc unit. From Citroen's UK advert I read: "Nobody in his right mind would buy a Dyane with the idea of impressing the neighbours. You buy a Dyane because it has five doors and a sun roof, independent suspension on all four wheels, petrol consumption that makes it almost as economical to run as a bicycle and a tough reliable engine that goes on and on and on". A bicycle?
/ Versailles, France

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