poniedziałek, 31 grudnia 2018

New Year's Eve

The last day of 2018 makes it the best for a sum-up. What a year this has been! Numerous visits to car shows, museums and events (some of them with media badge) as well as casual drives looking for the best spots (also at 5 am). Wonderful spring break trip finalized with my first YouTube movie. New equipment, including some nice lenses and new body which should be on its way to start 2019 strong. I got my first partnership deal with TurtleWax. My photographs were reposted by Fiat, Mini and Porsche. I joined Porsche Club Poland and got my second car. Also, I moved to the Netherlands, but it gave me even more opportunities to visit Europe's best car places and find new spots. I still have a lot to learn, but cars and photography are what makes me smile, so I will keep doing this next year (also in Poland). Again, thank you for all your support expressed through likes, comments and DMs. I really appreciate this and it gives me wings to try even harder. Wish you the best for 2019!
/ Lodz, Poland

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