piątek, 28 grudnia 2018

Skoda Felicia service & TurtleWax

Felicia is already back from the service check. I was a bit worried, since (according to the service book) this was its first visit at the dealership since 1998. Skoda was scheduled for a general inspection, replacement of all filters, fluids and fixing (what I was thinking was a) loose suspension. Despite low milage (roughly 42k km) a list of defects in a 22 year old car could be quite long and hence expensive. Yet, I set myself a resolution of keeping Felicia in utmost condition and not to save on it (too much).
I asked around and at Skoda and they said to me they do not see such (old) cars very often (not very surprising, I know). To be honest, they were curious just as me to see how it will go. In the end I was reported that brake pads had to be replaced (used in 80%), steering transmission only required some tightening (suspension was fine), all filters were like new (no need for a replacement) and oil, coolant and brake fluids were all replaced with some high-tech stuff. After all those non-service years I expected the dealership to charge me more for the job. So I am quite happy with the final cost of PLN 1127 (~EUR 260). Now I feel like having this peace of mind that Felicia is really in good condition. Maybe the next challenge will be to take it to Rotterdam?
/ Lodz, Poland

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