wtorek, 11 kwietnia 2023

Porsche 718 Cayman [Midjourney]

For this piece I prompted Midjourney to bring together two familiar things – my hometown, and my Porsche. The initial idea was to capture an image featuring black 987 Boxster against the backdrop of Łódź's post-industrial charm, with its red brick architecture and historic buildings. 

Nonetheless, AI faced a lot of challenges in reflecting accurate details of the car, such as the roof was half-open in many of the generated images. To overcome these issues, I decided to switch to a more modern and non-convertible model, the 718 Cayman. 

I wanted to emphasize the contrast between the car's sleek, contemporary design, and the timeless urban setting of Łódź, with soft shadows, light leaks, and a warm, muted color palette. The final result was again a little off plan, but still turned out to be a visually captivating scene that not only showcased the powerful performance of the car, also captured some distinct features of my hometown.

/ Łódź, Poland

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