niedziela, 9 kwietnia 2023

Porsche concept car [Midjourney]

This car does not exist. At least, not yet. With the power of AI-driven image generation, I ventured to create something different this time. I prompted Midjourney to generate a futuristic Porsche concept car driving through a post-rain forest, incorporating diverse artistic styles like minimalist design, solarization, photorealism, symmetry, and a Whistlerian touch. The resulting image showcases a harmonious blend of these elements, resulting in a captivating, otherworldly scene of a car yet to exist.  

My goal was to push creative boundaries and explore the realm of the non-existent. This creative journey shows that with determination, experimentation, and the power of AI, we can push the boundaries of art and automotive design, bringing to life the dreams of tomorrow. Embrace the challenge and dare to create something unique yourself.

/ Lodz, Poland

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